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Psychedelic Drug Related

10 Months of Acid
Experiences on Acid
Permanent Mental Effects from LSD
Tripsitting Tips and Tricks

Psychedelic Philosophy Related

Yes, And I Like It
Finding the Void 101
The Body of Isolation
The Abyss of Want
You Wake Up On A Table
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Sex, Gender, and Relationships

Why I Can’t Say Yes To Sex
Power Imbalances And Sex
Are There Other Genders?
What Makes a Camgirl Successful?
Men Who Tip Camgirls: Survey Results
Filling the Dating Role
Fuckers vs. Raisers
How Taboo are these Sexual Fetishes?
“Me Too”: on Sexual Assault
The Amory Spectrum
Dating: Accordions Vs. Sitars

Feelings and Growth

So Says Crazybrain
The Three Oughts
The Iron Price
Moving Peaces
Play Anger
How To Listen
Choosing Insecurity
Losing Pride
Getting Smaller and Quieter

Other Stuff

Loyalty Hierarchies
Spectrums of Identity
Strange Subculture List
Conversational Styles
Internet Communities: Otters vs. Possums
How I Lost My Faith
Up and Down Definitions
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