I’m moving to substack

Additional posts will be here Will be posting most of what I’m already posting free, reserving my more personal and experimental stuff for paid subscribers only. <3 Will probably rearrange this website quite a bit, but will leave existing posts up

How do you define ‘racism’? Survey results

I made a google forms survey asking people a bunch of demographic information, and what they meant by the word ‘racism.’ I kept it simple and only gave three options – “Discrimination on the basis of race”, “Prejudice + power”, and “other.” I posted the survey all over, but got respondents mainly from 4 locations […]

Frame Control

Crossposted to Lesswrong here When I mention my dad’s abuse, I usually mention salient things – physical pain, insults, and controlling behavior. These are “clearly bad” – if I tell that he you often told me I was lazy and would fail horribly at life once I left home, you know it’s bad, because it’s […]

What I Learned From My Date-Me Experiment

Last year, I published a “date me” survey with ~60 questions in an attempt to find a serious long-term partner. I designed it with a few categories – lifestyle choice compatibility (stuff like age/location/relationship style/future plans), sexual compatibility, value/personality alignment, and questions that would filter me out if they valued stuff I didn’t have. Unbeknownst […]

Cold and Warm Cultures

Maybe a term for this dichotamy already exists elsewhere, but I haven’t heard it yet and have found my own term for it super useful, so here we go: Cold Culture examples Highly efficient in small things Knows how much time is worth, e.g. might consciously spend no more than 1 minute selecting a grocery […]

In Defense Of Edginess

Imagine you are mean, don’t have a lot of empathy, and enjoy making people mad. You go on the internet and post the most provocative takes you can find. The goal is to generate attention, reactions, and controversy. When people react with horror, this feeds you. “Maybe Trump should be grabbing more women by the […]

Political Compass Fetishes

I asked a bunch of people (~19k) what kinks they were into, and as an almost-afterthought asked people what quadrant of the political compass they were on. Almost all the political-fetish correlations were uninterestingly weak, but the sample size was huge enough that it became very unlikely that the correlations were showing up due to […]

The Heart of Circling

On the way to my very first circle, I had an intense conversation with a friend about whether I should break up with my then-partner. It was very sad, and by the time we arrived at the circle, I felt like I was about to cry. I shoved down the feeling, put on a neutral, […]