Music Playlists

some songs are present on multiple playlists

For Acid (or the sorted version) my most popular playlist, I’ve been cultivating this one for years. Admission is “oh, that song might be unusually good on LSD” and removal is “turns out that song isn’t unusually good on LSD.”

Songs cover a wide variety of genres and moods, from upbeat and joyful to surreal and dark. Don’t listen if you anticipate you will be unable to skip a song you need to, or might be adversely affected.

The playlist isn’t sorted, and it’s big enough you could trip three separate times without overlapping songs; I recommend listening to it on shuffle, to see what unique experience the universe brings you.

The Hard Stuff: dark songs for painful work
Jivvin: put on some sunglasses, roll down the windows
Rainy Day Songs: sad, wistful; the passing of the moment
Sunny Day Songs: clean your house
Weird Descent: An under-construction playlist for my dance class

Partner Dancing (fusion songs)