How Taboo Are These Sexual Fetishes?


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The correlation between tabooness and sexual interest was statistically significant at p < 0.01.

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7 thoughts on “How Taboo Are These Sexual Fetishes?”

  1. Question: Is there more blue because more males responded, or because the males who did respond were more likely to like fetishes than females?

  2. I have a nagging suspicion that “taboo-ness” here is not just a correlation, but a source of bias (specifically, response bias.) Instead of graphing by it, could you try correcting for it? You’d get, I think, something like “interest given complete disinhibition,” which seems useful for predicting e.g. fetish demand.

    (I’d also like to try a few other things with the data; would it be possible to get a raw CSV to play with? Reconstructing the X/Y-axis-mapped variables is easy enough, but the color-mapped variable is a bit harder.)

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