During a truth or dare game, someone asked me what my most proud accomplishment was, and I cited the #1 Gonewild Post Of All Time, which is weird because I put a fraction of the skill and effort into that than I have into other things, which means I just feel pride when lots of people like me.

I was homeschooled from birth to the end of “high school” by professionally evangelical fundamentalist Christians in Idaho. After leaving home, losing my faith, and getting kicked out of college for being too poor, I turned to a series of shitty jobs involving windowless factories and waking up at 4am. I eventually escaped from that into the warm, wet embrace of porn, which I used to fund dives into far away realms, both physical and psychedelic. I did a documentary or two. I spent a year somehow getting addicted to LSD. Eventually I quit porn and being the universe to do the next logical step: a crypto ICO in Korea.

Now I’m comfortably settled in Austin, having cofounded my own goddamn company finally, so now you can buy a heavily-researched deck of difficult questions to persecute strangers and loved ones alike. I’m experimenting with getting back into porn and working on founding a research institute for sexual fetishes.

My hobbies include ballroom dancing, rationality (of the Lesswrong variety), circling, traffic intersections, sweating on command, playing TF2, Abalone, and the accordion; painting, typing super fast, and sloppily debating consciousness in dimly lit group houses.

Contact me at @aella_girl on twitter, or aellasinbox@gmail.com, or by imagining an idealized version of me.

If you’d like to support me, I accept crypto.

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