During a truth or dare game, someone asked me what my most proud accomplishment was, and I cited the #1 Gonewild Post Of All Time, which is weird because I put a fraction of the skill and effort into that than I have into other things, which means I just feel pride when lots of people like me.


I was homeschooled from birth through “high school” by fundamentalist evangelical Christians in Idaho. After leaving home, losing my faith, and being too poor for college (thank god), I turned to a series of shitty jobs involving windowless factories and waking up at 4am. I eventually escaped from that into the warm, wet embrace of porn, which I used to fund dives into far away realms, both physical and psychedelic. I did a documentary or two. I spent a year developing a serious acid habit. Eventually I quit porn and being the universe, and now I’m working for a dating startup. Things are moving very quickly and I’m stressed a lot, sort of like skydiving, except instead of the ground the thing I’m speeding towards is “being able to afford a 100% soylent diet.”


My hobbies include ballroom dancing, fantasy/scifi and worldbuilding, rationality (of the Lesswrong variety), cartography, traffic intersections, sweating on command, trying to make people eat nootropics, playing Overwatch, Abalone, and the accordion; painting, typing super fast, and drunkenly debating consciousness in dimly lit group houses.


Contact me at aellasinbox@gmail.com@aella_girl on twitter, or by imagining an idealized version of me