10 Months of Acid

disclaimer: this is not typical acid use. There are many concretely ‘beneficial’ effects from lower, more infrequent doses

In 2014, I did on average 200-250ug of acid once a week(ish) for ten months, from January to October, or approximately 40 times. Doses typically ranged from 150ug-400ug, with tail ends of 50ug-600ug. Subjective experiences ranged from slightly glowing colors to complete loss of any contact with the physical world around me. I remember listening to a song, and by the time I heard a note in the song, I’d forgotten what the last one had been, and it didn’t sound like music anymore, just occasional ‘sounds’ piercing through once every few eons.

I had the ability to do this. I had savings. I lived in a house of accepting camgirls. Real life wasn’t getting in the way.

The first thing people usually want to know is why? Nobody gets addicted to acid. It’s unheard of. When people trip, they stay generally avoid it for several months. It’s usually beautiful, but intense, difficult, and often terrifying.

For whatever reason, acid was useful to me in a way that I’ve slowly grown to realize is not common in others. Every time I tripped I had the overwhelming sensation that the doors had opened and I was mainlining epiphanies from a direct source of truth. Every time I stopped tripping, it felt like those doors closed, and I forgot most of what I’d learned. But I wanted to remember.

So I kept doing it. Again and again, higher and higher doses. I needed to know. I produced art. I played music. I got very excited and tried to make everybody I knew do acid too.

drawn coming down from 400ug

When we imagine frequent drug use, we imagine it as a form of escapism – that real life is too difficult, that we want to shut down for a time. Acid is exactly the opposite. It heightened what I was aware of in my own mind, let me explore the way my own thoughts formed. It took what I was and shoved my own face in it. I couldn’t look away. There were times of deliberately induced and absolutely excruciating emotional pain, to which nothing in my regular life has ever come close. I did it on purpose. I needed to know.

It is very difficult to talk about the “things you learn” while tripping, because it occurs while in such a deeply altered state that language ceases to apply. It really is more about a way of looking – a very specific type of engaging in experience. “Thinking about the experience” defeats the point, because thinking about it is not the same thing as “having it”. Applying words to the experience is misleading by nature. Defining a thing gives it an outside and an inside, and thus you can never define the thing that is “always outside” – in giving it a term, in identifying it with boundaries, it is no longer what you are trying to say. The Tao that can be named is not the Tao. To name a thing is to give it form.

As time went on, I stopped viewing myself as a being separate from the universe. Sensations became interesting to watch, not motivating. I entered such a permanent state of utter peace and contentment that I stopped wanting anything at all. And by the end of it, I barely got out of bed, barely ate. My sleep schedule became erratic, as I woke and slept as I wished. I had vivid lucid dreams. I had stopped working almost entirely and was living off slowly depleting savings. Why would I work? Why would I do anything? I was…. not happy, not sad, I simply was. I was free of desire. I did not fear death.

And, ten months in, I realized that’s what I was looking at – death. I would compulsively whisper “I am dead” under my breath throughout the day. I was an empty vessel. And I realized, that if I kept doing acid, I probably would die, out of sheer apathy. I imagined becoming homeless, and that did not worry me. I imagined freezing on the street, and I embraced it.

I wasn’t terribly worried – but I had to make a decision. Did I want to continue down this path, knowing the end was oblivion? Or did I want to close the doors and return to the world of the living?

This choice and my decision occupies a very curious spot in my memory because I don’t really understand it, and it feels like the small center of something, like this was the thing I’d been circling around all this time. I chose life, as you can see, and I have the sense that my choice was inevitable, or that it wasn’t ever a choice at all – or as though it was a fundamental attribute of the deadlike state that I reject the state. Once I saw what the end was, the next step was to close my eyes. Or, really, the sight of the end and the rejection of it was done in one motion, like it is in the nature of seeing the end to shut your eyes. Something something quantum immortality.

The journey back was almost as strange and beautiful as the journey in. As my motivations slowly began returning, I found all I wanted was to forget. Whereas before I was trying to immerse myself in the knowing, now I was constantly attempting to shut eyes that were permanently pried open. No matter where I turned, the Knowing had been seared into my brain. It was like that feeling you get when you watch a movie and are suddenly aware that, just out of the frame, there are camera crews standing around the actors, and you stop buying into the story because all you see is the movie set.

I just wanted to pretend this was all real. I wanted to feel invested in myself. I wanted to feel upset, insecure, proud, happy, anxiety, anything. I wanted to stop knowing.

Before I chose life, I didn’t mind the deep nothingness I had sunk into – but after the choice was made, it became… not uncomfortable, but strange. I felt like I had abandoned an old lover, like this constant twinge of pain, like a splinter in my throat I couldn’t dislodge. I thought constantly about tripping again and being reunited. I did acid in my dreams.

Over time, almost without me realizing it, the eye slowly eased shut, like going to sleep. I started to find myself caught up in moments of investment. I started to feel insecure again, annoyed. And it was shitty and amazing.

It took about another ten months for me to return to roughly where I’d been when I started.

I’m mostly normal now, with only a few remnants. Sometimes certain types of conversations will trigger it, where I’m sitting there and suddenly the eye of the universe has turned on me and I am melting away. It is very intense. I don’t mind, though. That’s a fundamental part of the feeling, really – that I don’t mind when it’s happening.

I feel like I’ve pulled the wool over my own eyes. I’ve bought into this world. It is profoundly comforting in a way so subconscious it’s difficult to identify. It’s as though at all times, behind my ears, there is a powerful belief whispering it’s okay. I chose this. I am full, I am held. I am not afraid anymore, and when I am, it’s because fear is interesting, because I have the privilege of feeling it. I am so grateful to get to hurt.

My underlying motivation now is to convey this awareness to others (or feel as though I have). It seems like the most important thing, the only important thing. And so here I am.*

* The effects of taking this much have only continued to sink in and settle over time. I no longer feel some of these things. I have lost a large chunk of my desire to communicate, and I have increasingly intense episodes.

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  1. This was interesting to me thankyou for writing about this experience. You wrote abt just being and how you didn’t want to work and you didn’t care if you ended up being homeless, that kind of state of nothingness is what I’ve experienced for quite some time in my life (not from psycodelic use that’s how I am normally) I feel like everything is meaningless and pointless like why do anything. Very recently I was considering once every month taking 220ug of lsd and may e I’d do some drawings and write notes (that’s what I’ve ended up doing in my few previous experiences) but now I’m not sure if I want to do that, I don’t want to risk setting myself further into that state of meaningless. I’m also considering microdosing but I can’t find a contact for mushrooms atm

  2. Aella… the specialness you are- there are of course no words. I would love to sit in a park and speak with you for hours over a picnic. You are that kind of special I suppose.

  3. This read put tears to my eyes. I don’t know how else to say this other then I felt every line I read. As a musician, I’ve come to love this psychedelic and it truly did help me experiment and get out of my normal mentality when it came to my music. I was able to finish song after song from writers block. This has put me into prospective of what this psychedelic can actually do… bring me happiness? It takes away depression I feel. After my first trip I never felt happier and that scared me, but I was okay with being scared. It felt as if it opened up my third eye and I was about to see what was on the other side of reality, spiritually as sometimes I really just wish I was off this planet. I was invested as I was able to actually talk to my demons and make peace with them rather then fight. Was this the psychedelic talking to me, or my mind going to deep into thought as I’ve experienced it without the psychedelic. It gave a feeling of acceptance in which I have never felt before. Making me feel like I belong. Terrified but wanting to be terrified of the sure fact that I was here and one with myself. “I was…. not happy, not sad, I simply was”. After being fried as much as I have been, coming down as of right now actually, becoming paranoid like I have been and not caring rather I want to live or die, I’m very thankful I came across this read. Feeling as much as I did reading this, it makes me feel a little less alone. I’m the only one I know of that’s actually experimented as much as I have with this psychedelic. Thank you Aella. This was a beautiful, deep and powerful read. I don’t need it, I need to get back to reality… also you’re an amazing artist. That would be an awesome tat.

  4. Hello

    I found this very interesting and a very good read . It reminds me of The Doors Of Perception by Aldous Huxley. Ones insight in altered states are very revealing and somewhat spiritual.
    Sometimes to the degree of one not being ready or able to understand the details of the trip. It’s beyond the grasp of the mind to comprehend or have the ability to put the pieces of the puzzle together. That’s the consistency of the equation.
    I enjoy reading your posts here . Thank you for sharing

  5. Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  6. Aella.

    Oh, my. Just ran across your name while doing some camming research, and this is the first thing I’ve read of yours. I don’t think I could stop my fingers from responding if I would. Wouldn’t if I could. You hit the many nails so completely on the head, and I responded to this very strongly to this post. My sincerest gratitude to you. Well said.

    In particular the part about coming back… “shitty and amazing.” Big-me salutes big-you. Small-me embraces small-you. May suffering be always yours. For the sake of your inextinguishable joy.

    …I’ll just be reading the rest of your stuff now…


  7. Aella.

    Oh, my. Just ran across your name while doing some camming research, and this is the first thing I’ve read of yours. I don’t think I could stop my fingers from responding if I would. Wouldn’t if I could. You hit the many nails so completely on the head, and I responded to this very strongly to this post. My sincerest gratitude to you. Well said.

    Big-me salutes big-you. Small-me embraces small-you.

    May suffering be always yours. For the sake of your inextinguishable joy.

    …I’ll just be reading the rest of your stuff now…


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