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Over time I’ve been saving some of my favorite articles from those inevitable Wikipedia doom spirals. Here’s a list of odd, interesting, unusual, or curious links straight from my juicy bookmarks folder!

Fatal familial insomnia


Common cuckoo #Breeding


Shutdown law

List of selfie-related injuries and deaths

HIV/AIDS denialism

Wright brothers patent war


Anula of Anuradhapura

Mass hysteria

Blonde versus brunette rivalry

Shotgun house

Dead man’s switch

Morbid jealousy

Black Death Jewish persecutions

Spite house

Work spouse

Privilege du blanc



Norman conquest of England #Origins

Adrian Schoolcraft

Lists of unsolved problems

List of cities by population density


H. H. Holmes


List of helicopter prison escapes

Perverse incentive

Congo Free State #Mutilation

Pataphysics #Concepts

Mill Ends Park

Garden hermit

Republic of Molossia

Project MKUltra

Liberia #Early settlement

Varangian Guard

The Miracle of 1511

Phaistos Disc


Toynbee tiles

Gobekli Tepe

Backmasking #Satanic backmasking

Kim Philby

Tower of Wooden Pallets

Animal suicide

Empress Dowager Hu #As Emperor Xuanwu.27s concubine

White elephant  #Examples of alleged white elephant projects



Pope Benedict IX

Late Bronze Age collapse

1918 flu pandemic

Sweater curse

Ching Shih

1% rule (Internet culture)

Five Punishments

Franklin’s lost expedition

Rosenhan experiment

Form constant

Moral panic

St Scholastica Day riot

Carnac stones


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