Men Who Tip Camgirls: Survey Results

Higher tippers like what sorts of camgirls more?
A: Girls who complain about freeloaders
B: Girls who talk loudly about feminism
C: Girls who look really girl next door
D: Begging for tips on social media

I started out with 951 responses. I’m interested in motivations of common tippers, so I threw out women tippers and people who said they never watched camgirls. I did, however, leave in two attack helicopters and a deep-dish pizzakin.
This left me with a sample size of 850 responses.

I grouped some answer sets that had low count, but not very many. Nearly all categories have over 40 responses.

I used DataHero because I’m a complete newb.

If you want more details, check out the camgirl survey


DataHero Age and Watch Rate2.png
I apologize for the graph order.
The older the (bottom range of the) age group, the more frequently they watch camgirls.

DataHero Age and Tipping.png
The older the man, the more he’s likely to tip. This makes a lot of sense, young men are poor. Thanks Obama!

DataHero Tips and Camgirl Fidelity.png
This is fascinating and I don’t know what it means exactly. What the hell is that 2-3 girl range doing so low?

DataHero Freeloader Complaints and Tip amounts.png
The question was, do you have higher approval of girls who express disapproval of freeloaders (7) or girls who don’t (1)?

The more likely men are to approve of a camgirl complaining about freeloaders, the more they are likely to tip. This is interesting and kind of contradicts the camgirl graph from the sister study reporting slightly lower income the more likely they are to complain about freeloaders.

DataHero Room Complaints and Tip Amounts.png
Again, 1 is ‘less likely to tip’ and 7 is ‘more likely to tip.

The question was about camgirls expressing disappointment or displeasure in her room counts or tip amounts being low. I am absolutely astonished to see higher tippers rating this as increasing the likelihood that they will tip her. Of course, maybe they aren’t being honest with themselves, but who knows? I will ask this question in my next camgirl survey to see their side.

DataHero Asking for Tips and Tippers.png
What is this crazytown?? Men more likely to view “begging camgirls” (camgirls who ask for passive tips through non-live means, such as social media) favorably are also bigger tippers. I mean maybe this is obvious to some of you but it’s blowing my mind.

DataHero Camgirl Respect Attempts and Tipping.png
The more a camgirl verbally demands respect, such as saying ‘camgirls deserve respect!’, the more high tippers view her favorably.

I’m starting to think high tippers aren’t the kind of people I thought they were. I had this image of high tippers as world-weary sorts of people, who had plowed through a thousand camgirls and weren’t easily manipulated. I think this idea comes from the sense of powerlessness camgirls frequently have in regards to finding big tippers, and the idea that if she only figures out the ‘secret code’ or something that big tippers want, then they will come to her.

This is painting a different picture. It seems to indicate that high tippers are only special in that they tend to be predisposed (maybe?) to view money-based cam behaviors favorably, or that they have a higher than expected tolerance to camgirls making demands about their jobs and those who watch them (e.g., fuck freeloaders!).

Is this a status thing? That girls who portray a sense of entitlement also seem to be harder to get, and thus men try harder to get them?

I’m really not sure though, definitely open to different ideas on this!

DataHero Indirect Camgirl Respect Attempts and Tipping.png

Weirdly, “indirect respect” attempts (such as emphasizing behind-the-scenes skill it takes to do her job) is more polarizing. The answers on both ends are a bit lower in number though (around 30-40 responses for 1 and 7), does this have something to do with it?

DataHero Feminist Vocalness and Tip Amount.png
The more a man tips, the more likely he is to rate vocal feminism favorably, with a dropoff at the extreme.

DataHero Alternative Aesthetic and Tips.png

This holds up strongly with the camgirl side of the results, too. The more alternative a girl’s style, the less money she makes. Here we see that people who really like alternative styles tend to tip less.

DataHero Traditional Aesthetic and Tips.png

In hindsight I phrased this a bit poorly, but the general idea stands I think. The more ‘girl next door’ a woman looks, the more men report tipping her. The spike around the 3 is interesting, maybe corresponding to the little spike at the 7 on the previous graph? There was a low sample count for that 3, so it might be just high variance.

Overall I would read out of this that polarizing looks (very traditional/aesthetic) do better than middling looks, and that very traditional looks do better than very aesthetic looks.

DataHero Name Announcement and Tip Amount.png
High tippers tend to like the far ends of the spectrum here too, but in general, announcing the name seems like a nicer option.

DataHero Crying on Cam.png
Men who tip a lot are more likely to rate crying camgirls favorably. WHAT IS THIS FUCKING CRAZY WORLD WE LIVE IN

DataHero Room Count and Tip.png

Okay, finally something I understand. The higher the room count of the girl (options were a range of 30 to 300 count), the more likely higher tippers are to clear 10% of the girl’s countdown.

DataHero Girl Getting Tipped and Tip.png

Same question, except instead of low and high room count, it’s low and high tip amount.

The more a man tips, the more likely he is to say he will tip a girl getting few tips instead of many tips.

i dont understand

i don’t understand at all


I have emerged from this more confused than when I started. High tippers report viewing more favorably girls who complain about freeloaders, complain about their room, and who demand respect – all generally behaviors I previously thought were turnoffs.

High tippers also apparently like high room counts with low tips?


This has raised a billion more questions than it answered. More surveys to come after I uncomfortably mull this over.

Have a bonus graph about how high tippers are more likely to date camgirls who refuse to quit camming: DataHero Dating Camgirls and Tips.png

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8 thoughts on “Men Who Tip Camgirls: Survey Results

  1. You seem to be conflating “people who like X a lot are, on average, higher tippers” with “people who are higher tippers like X”. That’s more or less true if each of those data points has about the same amount of respondents, but not necessarily true if the endpoints (eg “I really like crying camgirls”) represent much fewer people.

    Based on the graphs, it’s possible there are a few high-tipping people with extreme feelings about camgirls (maybe extreme savior-y feelings in particular like qwed says), but the more moderate emotion-levels include both a large number of high-tipping people and so many people in general that their averages get brought down.

    1. I don’t remember exactly how I did it, but I think I combined all people who said they tipped over …. 500 a month I think. Anyway the tip categories I ended up with had pretty solid numbers of responders, none of them were too few for me to be worried about.

  2. Possible interpretation of the data: the highest tippers are super wealthy, on the order that money is no object, and prefer to feel that they are helping out camgirls in need. So crying, begging, complaining about freeloaders, etc. all demonstrate a desperate need for money / help, and give them opportunities to feel like unexpected saviors.

    If true, this could work with the income results of the previous survey as either not translating into repeat customers or turning off all but the highest tippers, resulting in net income reduction. So maybe this fits well?

    1. I like this a lot, and it feels intuitively right. It also explains the steep drop-off in approval of feminism at the very top, and the tendency towards traditionalism in appearance, character, and tolerance for less explicit sexual content.

      Financially independent, buttoned-down older men, getting some relatively tame pleasure by satisfying the needs of sexy young waifs.

      1. This is pretty much how I read it too. The really high tippers seem to have a pattern of idealizing a very specific power dynamic where they choose to reward people who respect that dynamic. The women who fit traditional gender roles, both appearance-wise and expectations wise, (i.e. are in need of a strong provider type) are accordingly rewarded by the high tippers.

        The question I’d like to ask is how wealthy the high tippers actually are. It looks like we’ve assumed that tipping higher means more access to disposable income, but I wonder if there aren’t a number of people who aren’t necessarily well-off, but who have allocated whatever disposable income they have, specifically to enjoy this dynamic with camgirls.

    2. That was exactly my interpretation men like to fix problems and be useful. Damn freeloader causing you problem? here let me tip you to help. So stressed you burst on in tears?, Here is some money. There was an ACF question on spending/month by members. I know you had results but I can’t seem to access them anymore? Could talk about the spending patterns?

  3. One possible explanation of the “freeloaders” part is that bigger tippers might themselves disapprove more of freeloaders and like it when the cammer expresses that same disapproval.

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